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Toy Tractor Tires

toy tractor tires

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Metal Toy Tractor

Metal Toy Tractor

Photographed in a wooded area located near Route 946, between Danielsville and Klecknersville, Pa. Taken on October 29, 2008.

*While hiking today (somewhere new), I nearly tripped over something hidden within the fallen leaves. I looked back to see a set of small tires 'peeking' out from the leaf-covered ground. So, I walked back over to see what they were from. I thought I would be able to just pick them up, but they were still attached to something buried in the ground. I started to dig and after digging for about 5 minutes, I was finally able to see what those tires had belonged to. This metal toy tractor which has seen better days. Once a fairly nice toy, the body (12"long) being all made of metal, with real rubber tires, and shiny new paint.

I guess the questions to ask are How did it get out here, in the middle of the woods? How long has it been buried? and Who's was it at one time probably so long before?

Auburn Tractor

Auburn Tractor

Though I had dug off and on for the last thirty years, I started officially digging up the woods in March 2005. This is one of the first things I dug up. It's a rubber toy tractor made by Auburn. This one is different in that it has Allstate tires (was it sold by Sears?)

BTW, the guy behind the wheel looks like he's fell asleep (LOL)

toy tractor tires

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